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Lovett & Lovett offers the following areas of practice: Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Workers Compensation, Social Security, Criminal Law, DUI, OUI, DWI, Family Law, Divorce and Family Mediation, and Slip and Fall. We service RI and MA. Visit our site for more information.
If you need a Personal injury lawyer call Abrams and Verri in RI, or MA. Remember it is all in who you call.

Attorney Maguire - Serious injuries and illnesses are often devastating -- physically and financially. You need to know what insurance coverage or other resources might be available to you.

Terrence Livingston - Attorney Terence Livingston is a former Criminal Prosecutor with the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, who has extensive experience in trial work.

Peter Mathieu - One of Rhode Island leading litigation firms in the practice of injury law. We are the injury attorney that you are looking for for your claim.


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